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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tn. Muhammad Adam Firdaus & Y.M. Putera Muhammad Rayyan Daniel



RYAN: Adam, behave a little will ya!
ADAM: Sorry Ryan, my bad .. I'm just too much excited .. mummy posting us on d web.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

MY BFF Lina & ME - Kuantan Mem'ries

I can still remember it was early 2009, my 1st ever working experience jauh dr Ipoh .. Far away from my family & frens .. I traveled to Kuantan .. The 1st person i called b4 i kick off to Kuantan is My Very Best Most Loved GF .. Razlina Ramli but now known as Razlina Gourlay.

If nak citer, there are so many sweet & sad memories that both of us endure. Sob .. Sob .. Adui .. klu citer sedih .. mmg sedih betul! Tp klu citer yg happy .. mmg tahap gaban nyer happening. At dat time, wen were housemates .. we have gone thru so much 2gether. KIta 2 org .. even jadi Spy Who Wear Boxer ..!! (remember dat gf??) LOL!

Ya Allah, usah cakapla .. mcm2 kita org buat. Pernah satu hari tu, kita org meroyan, we ate Nasi Dagang, 2 bungkus sorang .. n after dat .. setelah muntah kedarah .. nak tgk nasik dagang pun dah x lalu .. uwekkk! Hahahaha .. We can spend RM50 just to shop 4 Keropok Lekor, Kuih-Muih & Nasi Dagang. Itu pasal nasi dagang .. klu nak citer pasal nasi lemak plak .. jeng jeng jeng .. we would ta pau nasi lemak kat this cafe at Teluk Chempedak and then drive thru kat KFC and get sorang satu Ayam Goreng OR utk dimakan bersama-sama nasi lemak itu.

N then, setelah makan bagaikan johan .. kita org akan mkn 3 bijik sorang ubat constipation dan berebut toilet untuk melepaskan kumbahan-kumbahan masing2. Bau nyer ..... ! Let me just keep dat to myself .. hahahaha ..

Tu baru citer pasal bab makan kita org .. since I am too damn bz .. me gonna continue with d rest of d story later ..


Love of My Life

It was on Monday morning, right after everyone (my hubby, my mom and my sis) selesai solat Subuh, they drive me to Pantai Hospital for checking in. It seems that I have been bleeding a little.

Upon checking-in 1st class, the midwife checked my contractions and see how much have i dilate 2 open. N Yup! Dat mean .. menyelukkan tgn mereka ke dlm .. ehem ehem saya .. lol .. Neway, i only open about 1 cm .. so according to d midwife .. there's 9 cm 2 go. Pheww ..

And so, upon waiting, I jln2 here and there till my midwife call me again and asked me to stay put in labor room. Thr it seems i have opened up to 3 cm. Owh, just so u all know, my hubby, who is also my cinta hati, stood by me all d way .. hold my hand, kiss my forehead and tab my shoulder e'time i'm in need of it.

as we go along, then my gynae came, broke my water .. and then .. dats wen its all started .. D PAIN .. D FREAKING OMG PAIN! D painful contractions .. as i open up and dilate .. manage to finish surah maryam wpun sakit .. it hurts .. really .. cant imagine .. nuthing works on me .. after i have opened for bout 8cm i mintak ephidural .. mana boleh! said d nurse .. then my gynae came again .. he's all dressed up and ready to deliver my baby.

As i push...and push and push .. sambil di sulamkan dgn sayiddatul istighfar .. i do as wat my mydwife and gynae advised. My belived hubby is still with me .. capture every moment on video .. n then ...

Exactly at 1530 hours, I gave birth to Muhammad Adam Firdaus Bin Norman Firdaus.
He weight 3.1kg. And it was on the 3rd of May 2010. Monday afternoon.

The love of my life. One of the other miracles that happened to me which make me feel so blessed and syukur sangat2 ke hadrat Allah.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

With MY BFF Kudiah - Pregnancy Kodak Moment


Both of us -

1) Date of Birth: 8 De
cember 1981
2) Zodiac: Sagittarius
3) Estimated Delivery Date (EDD): Early May 2010
4) Gender of our baby: Male (a prince/a son)
5) Month of pregnancy: 32weeks - 3rd trimester
6) Years of friendship: 24 years
Upon reading info yg atas tu .. I know many couldn't believe that there's such coincidence.
Dah la kita org lahir hari yg sama .. Allah tambah plak nak tunjuk kekuasaanNya .. anak kita org oun due dalam bulan yang sama .. we did joke that we would wait for one another during our labor .. kalau boleh tahan .. tahan beranak s
ampai both of us deliver the same day .. hahaha .. bengong .. but it was only a stupid joke la u' all ..

On top of everything, wat made me so proud is dat dengan kebesaran Allah S.W.T.
Sesungguhnya He can really make 2 childhood fren who has been girlfriend for almost 24 years now to get knocked out .. pregnant at the same time .. My gf, Kudiah and I we are so happy to find out d news. Happy coz x sangk
a wujudnyer such kebetulan .. tapi then again .. Allah memang Maha Agong. He can really do anything .. and I mean anything & everything .. Dah la tu .. both of us are expecting a baby boy .. a son ..

Kudiah & Hubby

Leen & Hubby

Friday, February 19, 2010


Salam All,

Okay everyone
.. finally I am here as well. As all already know I'm still a newbies and need nore time to post and updates my story here. So, for the time bein .. be a good fren of mine and start checking my blog from time to time tau .. maybe we can share ape2 yg patut .. hahaha ..
Love .. xoxo